Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Introducing the Ladies of Etiquette

Hello! Welcome to our first blog post! For the generation born in the flower-power era (that would be us), jumping into something new sounds daring and fun. This is where we’ll post about our daily work as children’s etiquette consultants and trainers of children’s etiquette consultants. Visit us often for our take on the latest etiquette news and tips, plus a glimpse into what it’s like to teach manners and social dance to over 700 of Northeast Georgia’s finest young men and women (a.k.a. tomorrow’s global leaders!).

First, we must start off with “THANK YOU!” to all who supported us in the infancy of our business in the 1980s. Those parents who lent us their children were and are our friends. Thank you for the confidence you had in us and the strength of believing in the social arts of manners and leadership skills.

Thank you to the young people we have worked with and will continue to work with over the years. Young people are smart, funny, aggravating, handsome, athletic, immature, mature, and worth every moment we get to spend with them.

Thank you to a country, state, and city where we can work in the field we love! Who ever thought that “three ladies in a van” would turn into the “etiquette elves!” (More on that in another blog post, we promise!)

Thank you to the citizen diplomats—those everyday people who brighten our lives with their good manners.

So, here we are. We have jumped into blogging for Perfectly Polished. And we can’t wait to hear from you! Send your questions or ideas to e-mail address (or leave a comment). And be sure to find us on Facebook (link) and Twitter (link).


  1. Congratulations on entering The Blogging World!! Yours will be a must-read for me.
    Big hugs to you all!

  2. Congrats, ladies, for expanding your world of social media! YOU ROCK!

  3. I had so much fun being in Perfectly Polished! I miss it a lot sometimes. Congrats on becoming bloggers!

    Janna Hobson Jaar

  4. Awesome Ladies! You are motivating me... Looking forward to some great blogs in the years ahead.

    Amanita T.
    ELI Grad. '07

  5. Look forward to reading your blog. Cindy, April, and Debra you have given me soooo many ideas with your picture posts on facebook.

  6. Congrats for getting this off the ground to my 3 favorite ladies!

    much love,
    sarah b peters