Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hunting Easter eggs & good manners

We’re at the tail end of prime Easter egg hunting season — the big day is this Sunday. But it’s not too late to talk about etiquette for the cluster of last-minute hunts and get-togethers.

For your consideration:

• Those who receive invitations to an egg hunt should not only RSVP promptly, but ask if they can help prepare, such as offering to bring pre-filled eggs. It’s very likely that the hunted eggs will be of the plastic variety, which are both inexpensive to buy and easy to fill. If you would rather not buy plastic, you can take an egg carton, cut out two cups, and tape them together. You don’t have to spend a fortune on treats, either—very small children are happy with candy, stickers, even coins (as in pennies!). One child we know was very pleased with the small stone painted like a ladybug that he found in an egg.

• Even though there are enough eggs to go around, there’s always some small skirmish over an egg for which two tiny hands reach at once. This is a good time to gently remind your child of the importance of sharing.

• The impulse to dress your young children impeccably may be strong—this is wonderful photo opportunity, after all. But remember that egg hunting involves being outside and rummaging around in the dirt and grass (and who knows what else). Go for clothes that can get dirty or stained without any heartache.

• Make an egg hunt part of a larger event, like an Easter brunch, lunch or dinner. This is a fantastic idea, especially for those who may be without family during the holidays. Invite co-workers or classmates who would otherwise spend the day alone.

Happy hunting!

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