Friday, June 3, 2011

Borrow it? Return it!

How many of these pans need to be returned?

We've all had that moment. Rooting around in the garage, cleaning off the bookshelf, rummaging through a drawer, and then you see it: that thing you borrowed ages ago - a snow shovel, a book, a baking pan. You realize you completely forgot to return it. How long has it been since your friend let you borrow that bracelet? A month? Two months? A year? Two years?

It's never too late to return something borrowed. It might be embarrassing, but we've all forgotten to return things. Call your friends and share the good news that you've retrieved that long-lost item (which, truthfully, they may have forgotten as well). There's no need for a dramatic explanation or extended groveling. In fact, apologize just one time, and that's it. And then make plans to return the item as soon as possible!

Although, if you happen to be returning a long-lost baking pan of some kind, it wouldn't hurt to include some tasty baked goods to sweeten the deal. Just saying.

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