Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy host, happy guests

There’s nothing like traveling and staying with friends and family, especially if everyone gets along! You can make sure that everyone still gets along after your stay if you follow our tips.

When you are packing…

• Consider bringing a host or hostess gift to present upon your arrival. Thoughtfulness always trumps expensiveness, so think of something simple and personal—a token  from your native state (like maple syrup from Vermont or peach jam from Georgia), a framed photo, monogrammed stationary, or guest towels.

• Unless you’ve been given explicit permission to bring a pet along, make arrangements at a kennel or with a pet-sitter.

• Prepare for a too-cold or too-warm house and pack layers to wear. That way you can change your wardrobe when needed and stay comfortable without asking your host to adjust the temperature for you.

• Before you get there, make sure your host knows exactly when you will be arriving and leaving.

When you are there…

• Follow the house schedule for meals and bedtime.

• Ask if you can help prepare meals or clean up afterward. And if your hosts prepare to cook and clean themselves, respect that too, and graciously leave them to their work.

• Keep your room tidy during your stay, and resist the urge to snoop in closets or drawers.

• If you break something, don’t hide it. Tell your host immediately and offer to repair or replace it.

• Limit your screen and phone time. Remember, you’ve traveled to be in their company.

• Whenever appropriate, thank them throughout the trip for their hospitality; you don’t have to wait until you’re leaving.

When you leave…

• As you’re packing to go, thoroughly tidy the guest room and bathroom.

• Take the bed linens off the bed and place the laundry at the foot of the bed. Put used bathroom towels in the laundry room, or stack them on the edge of the bathtub.

• Tour the house and make sure you don’t forget any of your belongings.

• Once you get home, hand-write and mail a thank-you card!

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