Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back to school!

It’s time to go back to school! Which means that a lot of young children (and their parents!) are nervous about the first day.

First of all, your child will be fine, and you’ll be fine. Take some deep breaths, meditate…if that didn’t work, follow our tips for a smooth transition back to class!

Be prepared. Find out what’s expected in terms of backpacks, dress codes, and school supplies (this information should be available on your school’s website). Attend the back-to-school open houses for both parents and students—these events are great opportunities to not only socialize, but also check in with your child’s teacher, who might have a supply wish list different from the school’s.

Visit, but thoughtfully. Some parents may want to walk their child back to their classroom on the first day and maybe even take a photo. That’s fine, but be aware that a lot of other parents want to do that, too, so make sure you aren’t blocking any hallways or doorways.

Introduce yourself. Both adults and children, no matter their age, can introduce themselves to the teacher (remember to smile and make eye contact as you shake hands).

Keep in touch. Teachers love involved parents, so make sure when is the best way and time to get in touch if you need to make plans or discuss issues. Find out whether they prefer calling or e-mail, and what hours they are free to talk.

Be on time! This counts for drop-offs, pick-ups, and parent-teacher meetings. Teachers are busier than ever these days. Let’s make their lives of packed meetings a little easier so they can focus on their vocation—educating the most precious people in your life!

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