Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sir and Ma'am

We love the aesthetic of The Old Try's prints, but we especially love the message of this one:
(Print available here. Blogged by another Old Try fan here.)

We teach etiquette in the south, so we teach our students to say "ma'am" and "sir." It's part of our culture here. We know that's not always the case. For example, in other parts of the country, or in certain professions, "ma'am" might be offensive.

This print reminds us the meaning behind manners. Even if you don't say "sir" or "ma'am" where you live or work, remember that you can convey respect in other ways—saying "yes" and "no" instead of "yeah" or "nah," for example, or speaking in complete sentences.

Etiquette is flexible. It changes with the times and places. One thing that shouldn't change is using your manners. No matter where you live, it's all about human kindness!

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