Thursday, January 24, 2013

Job Interviews: Part 2 - The Hands!

Welcome to Part 2 of The Small Essentials of Interviewing!

Last week’s post on job inteviews focused on your feet. Today, it's time to discuss...

Part Two: Hands.

No doubt about it, your hands will be noticed. You'll shake hands (with a firm, not crushing grip), of course. But your hands are also one of the most prominent methods of nonverbal communication. They can indicate nervous jitters—or confidence and calm. If you “talk with your hands,” try to reign in those gestures and use them only for emphasis, like an exclamation point. However, avoid the other extreme of hiding your hands in your pockets or behind your back. (Another pose to avoid: crossing your arms against your chest.)

Also, make sure your hands are clean and well-groomed, and don’t forget the fingernails! Women who love nail art: different jobs may allow for different kinds of polish, but you can’t go wrong with clean, healthy-looking nails. As for bracelets and rings, less is more, and choose bracelets that both compliment your outfit and do not make even the slightest noise.

Avoid fragrance on your hands. If you have dry hands, make sure your lotion is fragrance-free. If you have sweaty hands, you can actually put deodorant on them just for the interview—just be sure to wash your hands 30 minutes before the interview.

Come back for our next Interviewing Tip! We'll talk about personal space!

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