Monday, June 10, 2013

Save your brain from cell phone distraction!

We saw this sign in a doctor's office very recently, and it's certainly not the only time we've seen such a reminder.

We all have some story about the random stranger inappropriately broadcasting his or her personal business via a loud cell phone call. 

There's also research that shows that the ill-timed phone call is truly irritating.

A recent study from the University of San Diego says that overhearing a one-sided cell phone conversation is more distracting than the background noise of a two-sided, in-person conversation. In 2010, a Cornell University study found that the distraction of someone else's cell phone conversation "compromises cognitive performance."

Perhaps you heard the recent news of a theater critic snatching a woman's cell phone away (in use, during a show) and tossing it across the room. We would never advocate that behavior, of course, but we can suggest that you read our list of appropriate times to turn off your cell phone.

And when you're done reading our list, feel free to check out this most amusing guide on cell phone usage and theaters. It will surely make your summer movie-going experiences a little less distracting. 

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