Friday, August 30, 2013

What Do I Do...Hot Food Edition

Welcome back to yet another installment in which we explore those worrisome "What Ifs"...safely, of course. 

Last time we talked about splitting your pants in public (yes, really!) This time...

WHAT DO I DO…if I bite into too-hot food in public?

Surprise! The food on your plate, now in your mouth, is way more hot or spicy than you anticipated. Your natural instinct is to spit it out, and we understand—you have to act fast—but we recommend another path!

If you can, quickly take a swallow of water or another cool drink. If there is no beverage and your mouth is on fire, quickly take the food out of your mouth, using you fingers, and place the offending food on the edge of your plate. You can do all of this subtly—the trick is to not call attention to your dilemma. And do not put the hot food in the napkin—it’ll ruin the napkin beyond use and you want that to remain usable throughout the meal.

Stay tuned for our next What If!

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