Thursday, October 17, 2013

Children love dining etiquette...really!

Our next training week is right around the corner.

When we certify our children's etiquette consultants, we bring them into our Perfectly Polished classroom. They see us in action and get hands-on training, working with the wonderful young people we teach.

One thing our students have been loving learning lately is dining etiquette. Seriously!

They are really into the idea of dinner parties, which has sparked much conversation on:

• How to pass items around the table
• How to start good dinner conversations
• How to be seated, order, and talk with wait staff in restaurants
• How to know when it's appropriate to begin eating
• How to know where you put your napkin

...And even more than that. We hear a lot about young people being self-centered, unaware, unable to look beyond the screen of their phone or tablet. We know better.

We know an entire generation ready to not only embrace etiquette — the notion of treating others with kindness and respect — but cares about it. Would you like to be instrumental in shaping the future of that generation? Get in touch with us today!

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