Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Almost Spring Formal Time!

We're just a week away!

We are all working so hard for this year's Perfectly Polished Spring Formal, held at UGA's Stegeman Coliseum. We need a big space for it—600 students will be dancing, and we expect our usual number of around 3,000 guests in the audience. 

Our students have been perfecting numerous dances—the shag, waltz, fox trot, cha-cha, and so much more.  In all, we'll 23 different dances, including special numbers from Perfectly Polished staff, and some very special moments in which our students dance with their parents and siblings.

Our first Spring Formal was held in 1990 with 98 students. It's wonderful to see how we've grown, reflect on all those memories, and still have fun anticipating the dance each year. 

We can't wait!

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