Thursday, August 21, 2014

Perfectly Polished Spotlight: Emily Noakes

Since our etiquette school, Perfectly Polished, opened in 1985, we have had the distinct honor of getting to know some wonderful children over the years, watching them grow up, and - in some cases - later assist us in teaching our younger students! Since we teach around 4,000 students each year in 12 area counties, we truly appreciate their gifts—and the  fact that our younger students can see a glimpse of how etiquette and social skills can shape their future.

We'll be spotlighting one of these young people regularly, starting with...Emily Noakes

(That's her in the middle.)

Emily started Perfectly Polished in the 5th grade; now she's 16 years old and in the 11th grade. We asked Emily to share her early memories of being in Perfectly Polished and more...

Early days
"I was just like a few of those kids in 5th grade who were not too excited to be in the program. I couldn't see the positive influence it was having on me. I came out of my shell and became a social butterfly, because I learned how to show confidence through my appearance and actions. I want to help shy kids like the old me come out of their shells, and blossom into the kids I know that they can become."

Helping younger students
"I get to see these kids grow. I get to see the impact I have on them, and see the smiles on their faces as they finally break through, and see how much fun Perfectly Polished can be, if you open yourself up to it. I love seeing those shy kids who didn't know anyone laugh with the others, and participate the most by the end of the year."

Why etiquette matters
"I think it is very important to teach etiquette to children, because it teaches the kids how to grow. It teaches them how to conquer the oncoming future with confidence. Things like holding a conversation, keeping an audience's attention, and even writing letters can be a huge benefit to handling life. Skills learned in Perfectly Polished will probably stick with me my entire life, and have opened new doors for me...I learned how to face my fears of public speaking, while showing confidence. I learned how to ace a job interview, and to nail that first impression. Without Perfectly Polished, I would be a totally different person, and I am very glad that it has shaped me into the person that I am today."

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