Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Run For Your Money: The Revival of Pantyhose and Stockings

Remember when you were younger and your Sunday outfit was not complete with out one important piece of clothing? How about when you would see your grandmother getting ready to go out for the day? You probably swore you would never wear them again if you had the choice but now they are making a comeback!

They look good on women of all types and shades!
You guessed it! Panty hose and stockings are back in style making them the perfect way to make your legs look ageless during all seasons. Personally, I feel like an expert on this subject since I served on the Arch Society for the University of Georgia this past year. For the ladies, our uniform consisted of wearing off-black panty hose for every assignment we worked no matter what time of year it was. At first it seemed like an unnecessary hassle but now, I cannot live without these nylons in my life. Between the way they make your legs glow when you wear them and the pizazz they add to any outfit - this is a must have in your wardrobe.

4 out of 5 Perfectly Polished College Staff members
agree: Stockings are the perfect accessory.

No need to spend a lot of money buying products like bronzing spray or tanning lotion to give your legs a beautiful glow. Use panty hose or stockings as your new leg concealer. They are also good to even out your skin tone and hide any discoloration you may have received from the bumps and bruises of living life.

Worried about getting the most bang for your buck? Experts say that with the new technology available, panty hose and stockings are more durable than ever no matter what the cost! Finally, you can put away your clear nail polish and go out into the world without worrying about unsightly runs ruining you panty hose after one wear.

Bonus fact, the Duchess of Cambridge herself Kate Middleton wears panty hose with 99% of her outfits. If her royal style isn't enough to quiet naysayers then I don't know what is! So do not worry if you are not a little girl whose parents dress her or an elderly woman, panty hose and stockings are one article of clothing that every woman should equip her closet with!

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