Monday, May 9, 2016

National Etiquette Week - Day 1

"There are manners in everything."


People from all over the world pay thousands of dollars to give up their cell phones for a day. There are rules, there is respect, there is conversation, there are standards. Millions of people live their lives waiting and yearning for this opportunity to pass their way. I have had the honor and privilege to be a part of this group. Attending this day over the past 40 years of my life usually was preceded by priority of guest selection, appropriate attire and calendar adjustments. But this particular day trip came with a different set of expectations. I sought to seek those outdated and thought to be unwanted ways of life to be alive and well and sought after.

As I stepped out of the car of my Uber driver into the cool crisp air that early April morning the smell of springtime filled the air, laughter from those waiting patiently to cross the busy city street rifled above the joy of the soon to be guest. Everyone spoke and interacted with the strangers around them. The crosswalk security directed the masses of happy people with civil tones and appropriate gestures. People spoke to strangers as if they were family members. As we entered the gates of the prized event those attending waiting in line eagerly. Those in attendance were excited to do whatever was asked of them to be able to complete the passage.

Thousands of guests entered at the same time. There was no pushing or shoving. There were no derogatory expletives. People took time out of their day to share handouts of the upcoming day's event. They were welcomed with thank you's, hand shakes and please excuse me. Smiles and uplifting conversation were being exchanged between those waiting in extensive lines for that coveted memorabilia. Stories of past trips were intently listened to so sincerely that it encouraged others to share. We gathered our purchases and found our way to the montage of lines to maneuver where we were greeted with numerous smiles and happy hearts. The outdoor lunch seating was packed and we were offered by this group of unknowns a prime seat where we introduced ourselves. Once again, handshakes were offered and conversation and personal connections were made. The attendants at the "necessary", aka restroom, were greeted by these unknowns as if they were the ones we had given up our cell phones for.

Over and over again, minute by minute the compilation of the day was filled with this same uniqueness. Respect...for others, for property, for rules and for standards. This event epitomizes the rules of civility, protocol and etiquette. It is the MASTER'S golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia. This week, May 9 - 13, begins National Etiquette Week. Every day this week The Etiquette and Leadership Institute will follow people and places where etiquette is defined. It encompasses everyday activities. There is ETIQUETTE in EVERYTHING. After hours of research and interviews we have found that MANNERLY, RULE FOLLOWING PEOPLE do exist.

-An Essay by April McLean

Jordan Spieth's Thank You Notes

"A wise coach reminded me recently, winning shows your character and losing shows ALL your character." - Jordan Spieth's Caddie

Jordan Spieth has been known to be a gentleman on the course as well as off. Below, you can read a thank you note that young Jordan Spieth wrote when he was just 15 years old. A handwritten note goes a long way to showing someone just how much you appreciate them. 

Tips for Beginners and Pros

  1. Cell phones, cameras, and electronic devices are prohibited.
  2. Be quiet especially when silence is required. 
  3. Be still when a shot is being executed. 
  4. Use crosswalks and never duck under roped off areas.
  5. Autographs are only permitted during a certain time. Plan ahead and do not accost the golfers.
  6. Don't be the slowest player. 
  7. Always be a good sport. 
  8. Always make your tee times.
  9. Golf carts should be invisible.
  10. Always look your best.

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