Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S., let's take a few steps to make sure we can genuinely give thanks for our loved ones gathered around the table — instead of counting the minutes until they go home! 

Avoid drama. Save talk about politics, religion, and money for another day (or never, if you expect some major arguments). 

Unplug. Keep phones and other electronic devices tucked away, and especially off the table. 

Go outside, if you can. Playtime outdoors is just the thing for children needing to blow off steam, and adults will appreciate a post-meal, pre-nap walk around the block.

For basic table manners, remember THANKS:

T: Treat everyone with respect
H: Hands in your lap when you aren't eating
A: Ask to be excused 
N: Napkin in your lap at the beginning of the meal 
K: Knife on the right 
S: Spoon on the right

Happy Thanksgiving!

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