Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sending holiday cheer

Time to send out those holiday cards! But before you do, check out these tips from Cindy...take it away, Cindy!

Before You Mail Those Greeting Cards...

Sign the card even if it is a photo/picture card and even if the names are pre-printed. It means you care enough to take a moment and sign in your own handwriting. And, while you are at it, add a short handwritten note for a personal touch. People who are receiving your card want to connect with you, especially since most cards are a once-a-year connection with some far-flung friends.  

Every year, I look forward to receiving a card from a family of four, with all of their signatures included. I picture them seated with hot cocoa around their breakfast room table at Thanksgiving signing each card.  I have not a clue as to how they do this as a family, but I know they spent time working together on their Christmas card. It warms my heart!

When you sign your card, just your name is perfect—no titles, etc.  Many times, people list first the father's name, then the mother's name, and then the children, oldest to youngest. But, I have a friend who lives with her nine children in China, and she always identifies the children in the photo itself and I love that! These are dear friends who I do not get to see and watching them grow up through the Christmas card is something I look forward to each season.

Use your handwriting whenever possible—that includes on the outside of the envelope.  Make sure you have the correct amount of postage, so that the recipient of your holiday greeting is sure to receive the card! Remember that postage depends on the size, not necessarily the weight of the envelope.

And, always include your return address, which allows Type A people (like us!) to check addresses each year for accuracy!

Happy Holidays!

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