Friday, March 22, 2013

Plus One

Have you ever been the Plus One?

You know - the person who gets invited to events as somebody's date, and who usually knows no one at the party other than the date! Wedding season is upon us, and it's likely that you or someone you know is a future Plus One. Worried about feeling awkward? We're here to help with our Plus One FAQ - Weddings Edition!

If I'm the Plus One at a wedding, do I take a present?
Yes! Or, you and your date could go in together on a present. 

How do I mesh with people who have known each other for a long time?
Think ahead of time of ways to start conversations. An easy one is, "Hello, my name is...." followed by, "How do you know the bride and groom?" It's OK if you feel left out, watching longtime friends get all of the inside jokes—that's natural. But remember that smiling and keeping a good attitude will let others know that you aren't bored or upset. When you can, try your best to steer the conversation in a way that everyone (including you) can contribute.

What do I do during rehearsals? 
If you're faced with long stretches of sitting solo in churches, banquet halls, or other such places, bring an unobtrusive diversion - we recommend a a book on your phone or e-reader. If others are in the same boat, why not introduce yourself and pass the time getting to know them?

My date is in the wedding party. How do I handle the down time?
You could find out the schedule of the wedding and ask to arrive at the event the same time as any other guest, instead of getting there super early and sitting around. If you have friends in the area, you could make plans to visit with them—just be sure to prioritize attending all of the wedding events with your date.

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