Friday, March 8, 2013

Job Interviews: Part 8 - The Resume

Welcome to the last installment in The Small Essentials of Interviewing Series!

We hope that our tips will help you get that dream job - or even the almost-dream job that will put you on that path. Your work experience is important, but the way you present yourself in a job interview can make or break your potential employer's decision.

Moving on up.

So, we've covered when to sit, cell phones, perfume, accessories, personal space, hands, and shoes. We'll finish the series today discussing something you really, really need to bring with you to the interview...

Even if you e-mail the resume ahead of time, bring a paper copy with you. After all, being prepared is part of your skill set, right? Your future employer will appreciate being able to quickly reference your work experience. 

There are countless resources online for learning to format a resume properly. We'll only add this: One size resume does not fit all. Tailor the resume for the job. The basic information won't change, of course, but you can emphasize or tweak the details to best match the job description. If you're looking for a variety of jobs, this means having several different versions of your resume at the ready. But that's OK, because adaptability is also part of your skill set, yes?

Finally, good luck on that job's to celebrating good news in your career!

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