Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Perfectly Polished Spotlight: Leah!

Our etiquette school, Perfectly Polished, opened in 1985; today, we teach around 4,000 students a year in 12 area counties. We've loved watching our students grow up over the years. Sometimes, they become young adults who help us teach our younger students! Join us in spotlighting some of these young adults who make Perfectly Polished so special...

We are pleased to continue our series in spotlighting members of our Perfectly Polished student staff, especially those who have been with us since they were some of our youngest Perfectly Polished students! Today, we spotlight Leah Smith.

Leah started taking Perfectly Polished lessons in fifth grade; now, she's a freshman at UGA. She says that her experience in learning and teaching etiquette has given her "crucial skills" that have helped with job interviews and college applications.

Awkward (but fun!) dancing
"My friends and I always enjoyed learning the simple table etiquette and fun line dances. However, I also recall how the boys never wanted to hold my hands to dance. They always held them slightly below mine floating awkwardly in the air without touching. I didn’t mind though, simply because I thought their hands were sweaty and clammy! I still have the memories of getting dressed up with our little white gloves and eating skittles or gold fish out of a bowl to learn how to properly eat soup."

Changing the world with kindness
"Learning the etiquette skills I have through Perfectly Polished has enabled me to be better prepared for real life situations. Also, the world simply needs more politeness! By teaching etiquette to children, the next generation is learning how to properly treat one another with respect. I’ve learned so much through Perfectly Polished that I hope more children are able to learn as well. Simple lessons, such as how to properly introduce yourself or eat politely and correctly, have helped me so much in life!"

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