Friday, September 12, 2014

Perfectly Polished Spotlight: Laura Margaret

Our etiquette school, Perfectly Polished, opened in 1985; today, we teach around 4,000 students a year in 12 area counties. We've loved watching our students grow up over the years. Sometimes, they become young adults who help us teach our younger students! Join us in spotlighting some of these young adults who make Perfectly Polished so special...

We are pleased to continue our series in spotlighting members of our Perfectly Polished student staff, especially those who have been with us since they were some of our youngest Perfectly Polished students! Today, we spotlight Laura Margaret Burbach.

Here she is practicing interview skills with students of The Ron Clark Academy .

Burbach started taking Perfectly Polished lessons at age 10; now 20, she's studying public policy at Georgia Tech.

Early highlights
"I loved dancing when I was little, so it was so much fun to get to learn the dances at Perfectly Polished. Once I joined staff, I thought it was so funny that the fifth grade boys already hated holding hands with the girls—even when they were wearing gloves!"

Teaching helps the teacher
"Teaching to someone else always helps solidify what you know. Teaching also serves as a strong motivator to carry out the lessons of manners, respect, and professionalism in your own life, because you know your students are watching you and looking up to you."

Etiquette's opportunities
"Etiquette is subtle thing that is only noticed in its absence. For anything—college meetings, job interviews, class presentations—it'd be silly to miss an amazing opportunity because you had poor posture, failed to hold eye contact, or couldn't hold a simple conversation. Perfectly Polished builds confidence from a young age in these critical areas so that they become natural behavior—one less thing to worry about when these important opportunities do arise."

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