Thursday, June 18, 2015

#3. Higher Education Preparation and #2. Job Interviews, The ELI Top 10

In preparation for our June "Train to be a Children's Etiquette Consultant class" we are going to have The ELI Top 10 as we celebrate our TENTH YEAR of  the Etiquette and Leadership Institute! This will be a count down of ten awesome things you will gain from signing up for our session! #CheersTo10Years

Picture this: you are sitting in a waiting room. In your hands you hold your resume printed on cream paper and an black pad-folio holds extras just in case along with a pen and some paper to take some notes. Information tidbits float through your head as you silently repeat potential questions you can ask to hopefully impress the person on the other side of the door and show that you have done your research. The receptionist calls your name "They are ready for you now!". You stand up, smooth out your clothes, take a deep breath and walk in with a smile ready to give it your best shot.

That is basically what it feels like when you're walking into a interview for the first time - job and college alike! You are not sure if you will know what to say or how to say it and all you want to do is be what they are looking for. The key to that is simple: be yourself. Take it from Elle Woods: even her college counselor did not think she was capable of getting into Harvard Law but she was adequately prepared, put her best foot forward, and did not change who she was.

Not everyone is equiped to walk in to one of these situations as confidently as Elle and ready to give it their best shot but with ELI training, you could be! All you need is a little time with us and as Elle Woods would say:

Now of course these aren't the only things you will learn but we picked ten of our favorites as a preview to get you off the fence and in Athens with us!

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