Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#7. Dining and #6. Dancing, The ELI Top 10

In preparation for our June "Train to be a Children's Etiquette Consultant class" we are going to have The ELI Top 10 as we celebrate our TENTH YEAR of  the Etiquette and Leadership Institute! This will be a count down of ten awesome things you will gain from signing up for our session! #CheersTo10Years

Just like a page out of an old fashion book on courtship, our #7 and #6 on #TheELITop10 have to do with our two most popular subjects! No longer will you approach a table filled with silverware not knowing where to start or shy away from the dance floor to conceal your two left feet! When your boss needs someone to accompany them to the business luncheon they will look to you because they know that you are trained and confident in dining. And at the next holiday function you can dance your way into opening doors to new opportunities!

After training with us you will be able to tango smoothly through multiple courses and also serve up some awesome dance moves that will fill everyone around you with amazement and envy!

Now of course these aren't the only things you will learn but we picked ten of our favorites as a preview to get you off the fence and in Athens with us!

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