Friday, February 11, 2011


Valentine’s Day is Monday. Today is Friday. If you are a parent, that means your child is likely getting preparing by either buying or making cards to bring to school. (Or, if you tend to procrastinate like many fine people, that means you are planning to get or make cards Sunday night.)

Keep in mind the following:

• You might think that Valentine's Day cards and candy go hand-in-hand, but keep in mind that some schools have policies on bringing candy or treats, whether it’s based on allergies or a preference not to bring sweets to school. Talk to your child’s teacher and find out whether you can send candy before you do so.

• Be sure that your child has enough cards for every student in the classroom so that no one is left out. If you need a head count, ask your child’s teacher. Don’t forget to include cards for your child’s teachers!

• If you are addressing each card, make sure you have the proper spellings of each student’s name. You can also leave the Valentine cards blank, and just have your child sign them.

• And of course, remind your child to say “Thank you” when receiving cards!

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