Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LL Cool J cares about etiquette

LL Cool J is quite the family man. Not only is the rapper and actor the featured Celebrity Q & A in the February issue of Family Circle (the hardest part of being a dad? "Remaining open-minded"), but now he's singing the praises of children's etiquette.

To be more precise, he said in a recent interview that he has hired an etiquette consultant to work with his children.

"I want my kids to know how to walk in a room and to have some manners and to know how to be polite," LL Cool J told TV Guide. "You have to learn that somewhere. You don't just assume that it just happens."

As children's etiquette teachers, we meet a lot of caring parents just like LL Cool J who want the best for their children, including the tools to be successful in life. And we are more than happy to provide those tools. Knowing how to behave in different social settings not only gives children confidence, but it reinforces the importance of treating other people well, and we're all about that. Thanks, LL Cool J!

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