Thursday, May 12, 2011

N.E.W. Day 4: Thank You Thursday!

Today is Day 4 of National Etiquette Week, which we’re calling…


Let's face it: for the most part, letter-writing is becoming a lost art. We have texting and e-mail and instant messaging and chat and Facebook and Twitter...why should we take the time to pick up a pen and paper and hand-write a note?

Because a letter is a tangible reminder of someone who cares about you. It's something you can keep in a box — your grandchildren are not going to sift through your e-mails in delight, but they might have fun looking at old letters bundled and found in the attic. You can look at the unique curves and lines of someone's handwriting and think of them in a way that just doesn’t happen when you stare at a computer or smartphone screen.

Thank-you notes in particular seem like a novelty these days, but they are so important. When someone takes the time to write a note of thanks, you know you made an impression. When you write a thank-you note, you take a moment to appreciate a person in your life and his or her generosity and kindness, which surely makes for having a better day in general. And getting mail is fun!

Children can write thank-you notes, too. They don’t have to be long—just a few lines will do. Very young children can dictate thank-you notes, which can make for some humorous keepsakes. Older children’s handwriting will be preserved and treasured for years to come.

Come back tomorrow for the last day of National Etiquette Week!

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