Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcome to National Etiquette Week

Happy National Etiquette Week! That’s right — the annual celebration since 1997 is happening right now, May 9-13. We think it’s an excellent way to remind us all about manners and why they truly exist: to be kind and courteous to others.

That’s the heart of etiquette, really. We love all of the details of etiquette — dining, conversations, socializing, even dancing — because they all have the same goal, which is to put everyone at ease so you can enjoy each other’s company. Not a bad idea, right? Wanting to make others comfortable is important, because it means you care about them. Last we checked, caring about others is an important foundation of humanity.

So, before we get too philosophical, what’s the theme of this year’s week? “Manners: Small Gestures, Big Impact.” We love it. It totally captures our personal take on etiquette: that the details matter, that it’s not hard to incorporate etiquette into everyday life, and even the smallest signs of kindness yield big rewards.

We’ve come up with a way to celebrate the week every day with little mini-themes, which we’ll share here. What’s today?


It’s not just a Bangles song(though it’s an awfully catchy one). Today, Manic Monday means adapting new behavior through repetition. “Please,” “You’re Welcome,” “Excuse me” — these are phrases that are easy to forget but have big impact when you remember to say them. Practice makes perfect, so say this today. A lot!

Come back tomorrow to see what’s up for Tuesday!

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