Friday, May 13, 2011

N.E.W. Day 5: Free Friday!

As National Etiquette Week draws to a close, we celebrate…


We understand the importance of living frugally, especially in this economy. People everywhere are learning new ways to save money, and partly for that reason there’s been a resurging interest in the old ways of living: growing your own food and even canning or preserving it; D.I.Y home repairs; making your own clothes; and finding every possible way to reuse items before recycling them.

More and more, we eat meals at home to save money but end up appreciating the extra family time. We play at parks with children in lieu of costly vacations, and realize how good it feels to get exercise. We work in the garden, learning as we go, and find out that homegrown food is the best-tasting kind.

See? Sometimes the best things in life are free!

That includes etiquette. Manners cost nothing at all, but what a return! You make other people feel good, and that makes you happy, too. Even the smallest gesture can make the biggest impact.

National Etiquette Week may be over, but you can keep celebrating it year-round—and remember, it’s absolutely free.

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