Sunday, December 23, 2012

Home stretch

In the parking lots, post offices, department stores, highways and while waiting in line for a photo with Santa...

Take a deep  breath. Or several. Preferably 10, slowly.

Where we live, final preparations for the holidays are presenting themselves in the usual ways: bad traffic, long lines, and watching fellow customers have public meltdowns over not finding the gifts they need. 

This is the perfect time to find a little extra kindness for others and to be gentle on ourselves. To slow down in parking lots and simply let it go when someone cuts you off for a space. To keep things cheerful when the customer in front of you in the checkout has taken frustration out on a clerk. To offer a smile to random stranger—the worst that can happen is you'll be ignored, and the best is that you might be the unexpected comfort the other person needs the most at that moment. 

There's a lot of darkness in the world. The Winter Solstice - not the end of the world, after all - just gave us the longest night on the year. This is the time to be a light for others and ourselves. Heavy stuff to think about, maybe, but it might get you in and out of the grocery store in a better mood.

Need a tiny bit of help? 

Deep breathing exercises 
Video of silent, falling snow 
Cute puppies

Merry Christmas!

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