Thursday, December 20, 2012

Secret Santa, we have help for you!

Last-minute shopping for a White Elephant party at work? Or maybe you're doing Secret Santas? Perhaps your whole extended family decided to draw names this year, which sounds like it would be easy until you realize you barely know your giftee. 

We know that shopping stress is an ingrained part of the holidays for so many. But maybe our tips will help get the job done!

• Set a price limit across the board. If you're a crafter, consider time and materials that would roughly equal that dollar amount.

• Invite everyone to send out a public wish list to give others a clue.

• Instead of gifts, consider a special event - ornament decorating, cookie baking, even a scavenger hunt for adventurous types - that yields equal treasures for all.

• Before baking holiday treats, find out if your person has any food allergies or extreme dislikes.

• For the person who truly does have everything, find out his or her favorite charity and make a donation.

• On a similar note, donate a toy that best represents your person to a local hospital.

• If you're still at a loss, seek out those who do know your person well and have a confidential chat to get ideas.

Happy gifting!

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