Thursday, February 7, 2013

Job Interviews: Part 4 - The Accessories!

It's time for a new post in our Small Essentials of Interviewing Series!

After talking about hands, shoes, and personal space, we're going to explore...

Part Four: Accessories.

When it comes to jewelry, think of one word: simplicity. If it's loud (visually or literally clanking together) or otherwise overpowering, leave it at home. (Unless you're interviewing with a jewelry maker!) Your dazzling personality will get you the job - don't let the jewelry distract from that.

When we teach the "seven rules of accessorizing," we recommend that you never wear a combination of more than seven items. For example, earrings (one in each ear) count as two, a necklace would be three, a watch would be four, a ring would be five, a bracelet would be six, and a belt would be the seventh item. That's enough! (A more masculine version might be: tie, ring, belt, cuff links, tie clip, watch, and pocket square.)

Also, take care to remember those ever-present items that feel like a part of your body — sunglasses on top of your head, for example. Remove sunglasses, baseball caps, and other easily forgettable items before walking into that interview. We once witnessed a young law student - wearing both a baseball cap AND sunglasses on top of the hat - visit a company with which he'd had no previous contact. His resume didn't make it past the secretary.

Come back next time when we talk about another kind of accessory: perfume.

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