Friday, February 15, 2013

Job Interviews: Part 5 - The Perfume

Welcome back to our new installment in our series, the Small Essentials of Interviewing!

We've talked about  shoes, handspersonal space, and accessories. Now it's time to talk about...

Part Five: Perfume.

For perfume, there's one rule: don't wear any. You never know if your favorite scent - even if you are convinced it's the lightest, most perfect fragrance on earth - will cause an allergic reaction in your future employer. The only way to smell for a job interview is clean, which really means no noticeable smell at all.

Now, that said, there is one exception to this rule - if you are interviewing for a company that produces perfume! In that case, feel free to wear a product created by that company, but do put it on in small doses. A little goes a long way!

Next time, we'll talk about cell phones!

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