Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NEW Day 2: 10 Things for Your Community

Happy Day 2 of National Etiquette Week!

It's easier than you think to include good manners in your everyday life. Not only does it brighten your day, but it also builds a connection with the community around you. Good feelings all around! Why not follow our to-do list...

10 Ways to Help Others with Manners!

• Hold a door for someone.

• Compliment three random strangers.

• Help someone with their groceries/packages.

• Buy someone’s newspaper/coffee for them.

• Help someone who is lost.

• Smile at five strangers.

• Write a thank you note to the teacher that changed your life.

• Leave a generous tip.

• Sing your favorite song out loud.

• Pay the toll for the car behind you.

See you tomorrow as we continue to celebrate NEW!

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