Thursday, May 16, 2013

NEW Day 4: Fun with Family

Why not get the family involved in celebrating National Etiquette Week?

Inspired by our own family experiences at home, the Perfectly Polished classroom, and "The Family Dinner" by Laurie David, here are just a few ideas on how to introduce etiquette and manners to the whole family. Some of them are conversation starters, some encourage good table manners, and some are just fun ways to connect with each other!

Etiquette Fun with Family

Try the classic “I’m going on a picnic and I’m taking….” game. Go around the table, with each person adding an item to the list—after repeating all of the items already mentioned. You can make it trickier by following certain word patterns.

• Keep a Show & Tell Bowl on the table. Family members add found objects to the bowl throughout the week; designate a meal for sharing about these items.

• Put together a playlist for:  1.  Fixing dinner; 2. Eating dinner; and 3. Cleaning up dinner.

Water….just plain? No!  Add lemon, lime, cinnamon, mint, cucumber, orange slices….just not all at the same time!

• Google "napkins folds" and try your hand at fun shapes for napkins at dinner.

• The ABC Game:  Pick a letter and category —for example, "animals that start with the letter B"—and get to naming!

• Spell it, define it, use it….learn a new word each week.

Serve soup in tea cups, desserts in stemmed glasses, and hot chocolate in small bowls.  Yes, it is correct and you heard it from the experts at the Etiquette & Leadership Institute!

Come back tomorrow for a NEW wrap-up!

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