Thursday, May 22, 2014

Congratulations, graduates!

Congratulations to all graduates, from pre-school to college! 

Graduates: you've probably already sent out your announcements, so remember to keep track of any gifts you receive from family and friends! Thank-you notes are a must, and getting a handwritten card in the mail is a real treat these days. Even the very youngest graduates can send a thank-you note, and if they are unable to write it themselves, perhaps they could draw a picture (parents, feel free to translate).

If you want to give a graduate a present but find yourself economically strapped like so many of us, be sure to give this a read first, and remember it's the thought that counts!

Throwing or attending a graduation party? Have a quick refresher on good RSVP manners before your send out your invites or respond to one!

Just remember the two most important words to get you through the rush of graduation and the celebrations that follow: Thank You. And that goes beyond presents and party hosts—thanks go out to all the teachers for their dedication and commitment; families for supporting their children as they grow; and the community that proves it takes a village.

And thank yourselves and your brilliant minds—you did a lot of work to graduate! Congratulations!

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