Friday, May 16, 2014

NEW Day 5: Interact!

Happy Day 5 of National Etiquette Week: Be a Citizen Diplomat! So far, we’ve covered getting a passport, learning a language, the importance of traveling itself, and respect

We’ll wrap up NEW with one word:


We’ve talked a lot about how to act while traveling abroad, but did you know that you can still be a citizen diplomat even if you never leave the U.S.?

Yes! You can welcome other travelers who are visiting the U.S. Perhaps you could host an international student for a meal…or a year of school. Student exchange programs are plentiful throughout the U.S. Or you could check into your state’s international visitors organizations, which matches adults with international colleagues in their common professions. What do all of these visitors want when they visit the U.S.? Real interactions with real Americans. You can provide these interactions—and make them great ones, leaving your visitors with a positive impression of both you and your country. That’s the power of a good citizen diplomat!

We hope you take the spirit of National Etiquette Week with you throughout the year!

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