Monday, May 12, 2014

NEW Day 1: Passport!

Happy National Etiquette Week: Be a Citizen Diplomat! Let’s kick things off with…

NEW Day 1: Get a Passport

Summer is travel time! Did you know that if you travel, you’re a diplomat by default? That’s right—your actions represent your experiences, values, and hometown. While a public diplomat represents his or her government overseas, being a citizen diplomat simply means that you are engaging in some way with someone outside your own country.

And how do you become a citizen diplomat in the first place? Get a passport! You might think, “Why do that if I don’t have any trips planned?” Well, getting a passport will help you and your family understand a bit about the process of becoming an American citizen. It’s helpful to have a passport on hand for unexpected opportunities. And you’re a lot more likely to make exciting travel plans if you’ve already got your passport!

So, get that passport—and then fill it with stamps from all over the planet.

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